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  • The precursor of Mechanization Electrification Construction Corporation - Joint Stock Company was the Agriculture & Irrigation Mechanization and Electrification Corporation, which was founded in 1996 on the basis of merging agriculture and irrigation mechanical engineering companies, specialized in manufacturing machinery and equipment for the agriculture and irrigation sector.

    In 2003, two specialized corporations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, namely the Agriculture & Irrigation Mechanization and Electrification Corporation and Irrigation Engineering Corporation No. 1, was merged into the Agriculture & Irrigation Mechanization -Electrification and Construction Corporation (AGRIMECO). The move aims to set up an efficient corporation that is capable to carry out major projects of national and international scale. Meanwhile, the merger is expected to play a leading role in conducting political missions set by the MARD.

    In accordance with Decision No. 1580/QĐ-BNN-DNNN dated June 14, 2010, issued by the Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on approving the Project of converting the existing business model of the Agriculture and Irrigation Mechanization Electrification Construction Corporation (AGRIMECO) to the model of Parent Company - Subsidiaries and converting the Parent Company to One Member Limited Liability Company.

    Implementing the Desision No. 202/QĐ-TTg dated January 22, 2013, isssued by the Prime Minister on approving the equitization plan of AGRIMECO, and the Decree No. 01/2013/NQ-ĐHĐCĐ dated April 25, 2013, issued at the first General Assembly of Shareholders on the establishment of Mechanization Electrification Construction Corporation - Joint Stock Company, the Corporation officially operates in compliance with by the Business Registration Certificate of Joint Stock Company No. 0100102887, isssued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi on May 9, 2013. The chater capital amount to VND 215,000,000,000.

    The corporation has 20 member companies that employ roughly 10,000 staff, including over 7,000 qualified workers and hundreds of skilled and experienced engineers, doctors, and technicians.

    The AGRIMECO’s facilities are advanced and were frequently updated, including various kinds of high-tech fabrication machines, drilling and mine-exploding devices, concrete drilling and spraying equipment, stone crushing and screening plants and high-capacity concrete manufacturing lines, meeting the requirements of fast construction with large volumes and high-tech qualities.

    Following are some major works directly undertaken by the AGRIMECO:

          Kien Giang Sea-encroaching Dyke (Kien Giang Province)

          Tan Chau Dyke (An Giang Province)

          Xam Thi Stone Jetty (Ha Tay Province)

          Dau Tieng Water Reservoir (Tay Ninh Province)

          Tan Giang Dam (Ninh Thuan Province)

          Van Dinh Pump Station (Ha Tay Province)

          Gia Vien Pump Station (Ninh Binh Province)

          Tri an Hydropower Project

          Thac Mo Hydropower Project

          Ke Ho Hydropower Project

          Hinh River Hydropower Project

          Nam Phao Hydropower Project (Laos)

          Ba Ha Hydropower Project (Phu Yen Province)

          Cua Dat Irrigation & Hydropower Project (Thanh Hoa Province)

          Pleikrong Hydropower Project (Kon Tum Province)

          H’Chan Hydropower Project (Gia Lai Province)

          Eakrongrou (Khanh Hoa Province)

          Son La Hydropower Project (Son La Province)

    With the modern facilities, a contingent of qualified staff, and the right track for development, the AGRIMECO is always a reliable partner for Vietnamese and foreign enterprises.

    Lines of business

          Mechanical engineering

    - Design, manufacture, and trade in machinery, equipment, and spare parts used for agriculture, forestry, irrigation, salt industry, processing industry, hydropower generation, construction, and traffic vehicles.

    - Design, manufacture and installation of lifting equipment.

    - Repair, maintenance, and restoration of equipment, motorbikes, machine tools and spare parts.

          Electricity trade

    - Electrical engineering in service of agriculture, forestry, salt industry, irrigation and rural development.

    - Electricity production and trade.


    - Investment, construction of agriculture, forestry, salt, irrigation, civil, industrial, transport works and rural infrastructure.

    - Plan, research and investigation; preparation of investment projects for construction and design of agriculture, forestry, salt industry, irrigation, hydropower, civil, clean water, environment hygiene, water supply and drainage works.

    - Management of construction investment projects; project inspection; appraisal of technical designs and overall estimate of construction projects invested and administered by the AGRIMECO.

    - Building materials production and trade.

          Advising on:

    - Irrigation engineering.

    - Water supply and drainage.

    - Equipment investment.

    - Technology transfer in the fields of agriculture, irrigation and forestry mechanization, electrification, construction and salt industry.

          Research & Training

    - Science and technology research

    - Training technical workers in agriculture, forestry, irrigation mechanization, electrification, construction and salt production.

          Finance business and participation in stock markets


    - Transport and transport agent

    - Housing development

    - Hotel and tourist trade

    - Direct import and export of items to meet the corporation’s needs

    - Labor export

    - Customs procedure clearance service

    - Undertaking and implementing projects for development investment assistance

    Entering into joint ventures and integrating with domestic and foreign economic organizations to develop production operations of the corporation.

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