• Hydro-mechanical Development Orientation

  • The AGRIMECO is committed to developing itself into the country’s leading hydro-mechanical manufacturer.

    Continuing a nearly fifty-year tradition, the AGRIMECO has developed its strategy for hydro-mechanical engineering development with the main points as follows:

    As for human resource development:

    - On design consultancy, training, transferring and updating the world’s technical advances related to hydro-mechanical engineering, such as norms, design standards and advanced software programs for calculation and design of optimum structures in order to increase durability and save materials. Building up and developing automation that enables not only automatic operation of equipment, works but also automatic networking of the entire system.

    - On technical worker force, carrying on with development, recruitment and training of technical workers for each production stage.

    - On equipment, investing equipment as well as state-of-art technologies to reach maximum capacity, meeting the requirements of best techniques and quality of the world’s developed countries.

    - Standardizing processes of manufacturing and installing various kinds of products, so as to popularize and put them into wide application for all the works in a bid to uplift productivity and cut down product price.

    - Aiming to manufacture 50,000 tons of products a year

    - Striving for developing the AGRIMECO into a hydro-mechanical engineering group that caters to hydro-mechanical equipment needs of small to large hydropower and irrigation works nationwide, moving towards exports to foreign countries.

    - To arrange the efficient implementation of large projects so that the AGRIMECO will manufacture first hydropower machines of up to 6,000 KW, moving towards taking the lead in manufacturing synchronous power generators of 50 MW in Vietnam to reduce imports of equipment and save foreign exchanges for the country.

    To this end, the AGRIMECO has taken steps as follows:

    - Securing additional funds for development investment: by gathering internal sources and raising funds via investment in the forms of joint venture, integration, equitization, and issuing shares in the stock market.

    - Acquiring state support for the corporation’s development orientation and investment projects and soft loans from Development Investment Assistance Fund.

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