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  • Beam welding line Corimpex - Ytaly

    High Speed Plate Processing Line – Peddinghaus (USA)


    Beam Processing Line – Peddinghaus (USA)

    phun bi 1

    phun bi 2

    Shot Blasting Machine




    Welding Column



     CNC digital lathe
    Plate bending machine CASANOVA (Spain)
    Bending plates with thickness
    - Up to 47mm with a width of 2,550 mm
    - Up to 65 mm with a width of 1,000 mm
    Hydraulic pressing machine (pressing capacity of 600 tons)
     Cold hanging machine BOLDRINI (Italy)
    Thickness: 30mm, Diameter: 6,150mm
    Digital lathe
    Semi-automatic boring machine
    Corrugated iron cutting machine

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    Equipment Capacity (Monday, 4-16-2007 )

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