• Outstanding Achievements

  • Throughout the course of its innovation and development, the AGRIMECO has recorded successes in manufacturing machinery and equipment for the agricultural and irrigation sector as well as in hydro mechanical engineering. In this way, the corporation has made a significant contribution to the industrialization and modernization of rural agriculture and hydro-mechanical development in Vietnam.

    1. The AGRIMECO’s contribution to the agriculture and forestry processing industry

    The AGRIMECO has successfully designed and put into wide application processing lines, such as:           

    · Wet coffee processing unit

    · Cassava starch processing line with an average capacity of 50 tons a day

    · Fishmeal processing line

    · Bio-fertilizer processing line

    · Particleboard production line with a capacity of 7,000 - 10,000 cubic meters a year

    · Pure salt processing line

    · Tea, rubber, and vegetable processing lines

    · Building of paddy drying mills and rice milling mills

    2. Equipment and supplies for the irrigation industry

          The AGRIMECO has invested in manufacturing lines, technology, research and manufacture of high-tech equipment in service of the irrigation industry, which led to its success in manufacturing and putting into production equipment as below:

    · Water pumps (4,000-36,000 cubic meters/hour)

    · Submergible pumps with motor capacity of 75 KW

    · High-head pumps for agricultural irrigation with water head of 15-20 m

    3. Hydro-mechanical engineering in service of irrigation and hydropower works

    The AGRIMECO, which is staffed by skilled workers, has been engaged in manufacturing hydro-mechanical equipment for decades. To bring into full play its tradition and advantages as well as to meet the increasing requirements of the country in building hydropower works, the corporation has accelerated investment in improving technology lines and skills for its staff. As a result, the corporation currently has sufficient staff and highly qualified technical workers, and all needed machinery and equipment to ensure a comprehensive engineering from design to manufacture and installation of hydro-mechanical equipment with new technologies and materials in response to current needs.           

    The AGRIMECO has mastered the technology of designing, manufacturing and installing hydro-mechanical equipment, including:

    • Intake gates, bottom discharge gates, (bottom and surface) spillway gates, penstocks, cranes, and lifting equipment etc.
    • Various kinds of gates, including radial gates, slide gates, bottom gates, surface gates, bottom discharge gates, intake gates, poppet valves, hollow jet valves, cap valves, one-way or two-way automatic gates with different sizes.
    • Trash racks
    • Surface and underwater cleaners installed in front of the intake gates of hydropower works, pump stations, water inlet sluices, and water reservoirs.
    • Stoplogs with different sizes.
    • Penstocks of different sizes (Maximum length: 600 meters)
    • Various kinds of cranes with a lifting capacity up to 400 tons.
    • Lifting equipment of gates, electric winches, hydraulic cylinders with a lifting capacity of up to 500 tons

    The AGRIMECO’s products have been used for small to large irrigation works nationwide, large water drainage works of cities and hydropower plants. Products made with advanced technologies include drafting machines, CNC machines; technology of cleaning materials by means of sand spraying and metal ball spraying, paint spraying, and zinc spraying; welding machines and ultrasound scan of weld joints

    The AGRIMECO is currently the country’s leading manufacturer of hydro-mechanical equipment and works with large radial gates of over 15 meters in both width and height. Some largest radial gates in the country were made by the corporation, like radial gates of the Dai Ninh Hydropower Works and the Ba Ha Hydropower Works.

    Here are a number of large works that are results of hard work of the corporation’s staff, leaving the hallmark of each person involved in the country’s irrigation work:

    · Renewal of the Dap Day Flood Drainage Works that was erected by the French since early the 40th years. It encompassed seven gates structured in a roof shape and automatically operated on the hydraulic power of current combined with the camel system arranged inside each cell pillar. However, the works became inoperative after many years of trial operation. The gate was re-manufactured from steel, with six radial gates (33.75 m in width and 5.5 m in height), that can be lifted by means of an on-off switch machine with a lift capacity of 300 tons.

    · Ba Ha River Hydropower spillway radial gate (size: 17 m x 15 m) is so far the largest radial gate in Vietnam.

    · Cranes with a capacity of up to 400 tons

    · Steel penstock with a diameter of up to 8,000 mm and 40 mm in thickness.

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